I have Epilepsy and I need HELP…

imageedit_1_5502143900Sound familiar to anyone, I bet it does…
“I have epilepsy and I need help…” for some, those words might be so hard to say… I know it’s taken me a lot of years to say those simple words… because
All I have done for years is shutdown and hide. Denial is a very powerful thing my friends. I’m fine… I’m ok… I don’t need help… if you’re in a stage of dealing with your epilepsy and health issues; like myself, you are trying to breakout of one of the hardest stages of dealing with an issue and that is denial.
The only true way to get to the next stage or chapter in your life is… acceptance.
Educations keys will unlock so many of the doors of life… So it’s time to move on to the next stage, don’t get stuck rereading the last chapter because you’ll never move on to the next level, if you do.
A good friend, recently said these words to me… “Close your eyes, open your mind put your hands on your knees and make the phone call… Eat that healthy food and follow that sleep schedule… YOU are the one who has the power.” “I know words are only words but… Trying to feel better never works. Making our self better works.”
Thank you JH my friend, words are only words, aren’t they. BUT when you open your mind and let them touch your heart, you are able to find the true meaning and emotion behind the words and they can be so powerful in there meaning…
I am at this stage in my life… understanding… acceptance… now educating myself (like never before) on how to move on to the next stage. I have been rereading the last chapter for far too long… it’s time to move on to the next level…
“…are you where I am… …am I where you are…”

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2 thoughts on “I have Epilepsy and I need HELP…”

  1. Powerful piece!

    Leading one through the denial into acceptance is one of the support systems we offer at National Seizure Disorders Foundation through our private support group, NSDF Support Center, and through one on one support.

    Denial is tough road to travel, especially alone. I've known many, myself included, that have traveled the path and with Love and support from real people we came out as seizure survivors instead of victims of our diagnosis.

    Remember, You are loved and not alone.

    For those stuck in denial, I encourage you to reach out to National Seizure Disorders Foundation for evaluation. Together we will decide if you need one on one support, group support, or both to help you through denial to freedom.

    May You Experience Hope,

    Tonya Heathco, Founder
    National Seizure Disorders Foundation

  2. I guess I am still in denial and have been since I was diagnosed with epilepsy about 10 years ago. I just keep telling myself, well I did the whole EEG thing, I have even stayed for 5 days in 2 different hospitals nothing has ever shown up. I have no answers. One doctor told me that it depends on how deep in the brain or what kind of seizure it is. it might never show on an EEG. I think I have simple partial, and partial, maybe temperol lobe also but nobody has been able to tell me for sure. I take Tegretol for them and that seems to lesson them but there still there and I still don't drive. I am so frustrated. I need to know why, how and what kind. how can these seizures affect me long term? I have memory problems and I am only 36, but is that from the meds or the seizures. I stopped seeing my neurologist because I just don't see what he can do for me. maybe I am not having seizures. that's what I tell myself and than another aura hits.

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