I had a seizure the other day. Thankfully the seizure it’s self was not too bad. But man the seizure “hangover” I had got me good. It was playing mind games with me for a few days. I’m finally starting to feel better, more like myself but sometimes that seizure “hangover” period can really put a scare in you. When will I feel “normal” again???
I have found it can last for a few hours or even up to a week before I truly feel strong and back to myself. What an emotional ride that can be…
Starting to feel much better these days, mentally / emotionally. The last seizure got me good.
Two steps forward, one step back! One step forward, two steps back… the seizure recovery dance and the emotional mind games that follow…

WHY would someone with epilepsy try to cover up and hide the fact that they have had a seizure???

I’ll tell you why… It’s the fear of judgement (embarrassment) and the stigmas attached, the stress and upset of being looked at different. The feeling of being “broken” or at least for the period of the “seizure hangover”.

I’ve been doing this for years myself. I have never wanted people to know that at times I am struggling with these issues, after a seizure. (or I simply hide the fact I had a seizure by not telling anyone it happened in the first place)

Seizures and epilepsy medications can cause memory issues. But it’s not what you think when I say this… I remember most things, my memory issue(s) might be something more along the lines of… what did I have for lunch today???

It’s like this, I keep getting upset and annoyed about things but can’t remember what… oh yeah… memory!!!  😉

Right after a seizure and the brain “re-booting” It may appear that I have very serious memory issues and (sometimes) I do! Yes that may happen but it usually doesn’t take long for the brain to re-boot and memory to return. The seizure hangover period that follows and if you unfortunately hurt yourself (bit your tongue… ouch!!!) is the worst part.

Regaining focus can be very upsetting and stressful. But remember this my friends (it’s VERY rarely damage to the brain) and it won’t last long.

*This is my personal experience dealing with my epilepsy and NOT medical advise. (I’m NOT a Doctor or trained in medical science. I’m simply someone sharing my personal experience with epilepsy). The most important thing you can and should do after a seizure is rest and repair. Take a nap, a good nights sleep is so important. A well rested brain is a much stronger healthier brain.

BUT get medical attention if needed.

I have found that 99.9% of the time a Doctor can’t help or do anything for me after a seizure. But YOU may need help so please use caution.

I went to see a specialist today. Dr. ****  ***** (Neurologist) I will be changing the medication I’m on. I’ve been on Dilantin 100mg; I should have been taking 4 pills a day. (2am / 2pm) But the longer I took this medication, the more I hated the way it makes me feel. “Focus” etc… (Side affects… that’s another story for now)

Medication info:

imageedit_2_8338818892Takeing medications and hide in a hole (mentally) or have seizures and live???

Another problem is, people that have no idea what this medication does to me or how it makes me feel, have… no clue! Sometimes I think, people might think I’m making these things up. The side effects etc… WHY would I make these things up??? WHY??? I have NOTHING to gain from this or performing this behavior… nothing to gain…

I’m now going to give Tegretol CR 400mg a chance. When I was young, still a kid basically, I was given Tegretol as a medication to take when I first started having seizures. But being a kid; feeling I didn’t need it, I never gave it a chance. Now that I’m older, I’m now willing to give Tegretol a chance, because I truly don’t think Dilantin is working for me.

Dr. ****  ***** didn’t make me feel like I was making things up. He listened to me and even at certain times, in certain ways agreed with me and I felt like he understood what I was trying to say and I didn’t have to keep trying to explain myself. A very nice change from Doctors I have dealt with in the past who have made me feel like I’m making things up and just being silly. It was my first visit to Dr. ****  ***** but it felt good, enough said!

Sadly I no-longer have this specialist but it’s just a little example of how important it is to find a Doctor who you feel comfortable with and who listens to you… and doesn’t just want to dope you up on drugs…